Forage Harvest Feast by Marie Viljoen

Forage, Harvest, Feast is available from Chelsea Green Publishing, and also on Amazon.

It will be in bookstores, soon!

Featuring 36 plants and almost 500 recipes, it is a cookbook dedicated to unusual botanical flavors. Its pages introduce cooks and farmers’ market shoppers to inspiring ingredients, and provide foragers with an arsenal of recipes for their seasonal bounty.

While many of these plants can be foraged (in cities, suburbs, and the rural wilds), they can – and often should, for reasons of sustainability – also be grown at home, in community gardens, or on diversified farms. Forage, Harvest, Feast provides readers with cultivation tips to help them develop their own kitchen gardens using native flavors like bayberry, common milkweed, fiddleheads, spicebush, and sweetfern. Forgotten or neglected plants often viewed as weeds are treated here as crops: amaranth, lamb’s quarters, and cresses are given a place to shine. For plants like Japanese knotweed and burdock, that are very invasive, I advocate for their mechanical control by the regular collection, consumption, and sale of their delicious edible parts in season.

The recipes in Forage, Harvest, Feast range from pantry basics like mugwort salt and field garlic butter, to preserves like lacto-fermented garlic mustard, field garlic pickles, and fermented serviceberries, to infusions and hooches like vermouth and black cherry rum, right through dozens of appetizers, entrées, desserts, and bakes. With snacks and cocktails to start, of course.

Dedicated to the art of 21st century foraging, informed by an awareness of the importance of biodiversity, and celebrating native as well as invasive flavors, Forage, Harvest, Feast was created to delight readers for years to come.